StageGold Introduces CinemaForge 3.0

PROVO, Utah—August 20, 2008—StageGold™ today introduced CinemaForge 3.0, the most significant upgrade to StageGold's highly popular video conversion, and tube site video downloader application.

With CinemaForge 3.0, StageGold has added the ability to download videos from anywhere on the Internet including YouTube, Google, etc, and the ability to convert the downloaded videos to all popular video formats, including video support for the new iPhone 3G and Apple TV. CinemaForge is a great way to upload videos to an iPod or iPhone from tube sites that play Flash videos that aren’t currently compatible with the iPod or iPhone.

CinemaForge supports the following popular video formats:

-iPod/iPhone (MP4, h264)
-Flash (SWF,FLV)
-Motion Picture Group (MPEG)
-QuickTime (MOV)
-RealVideo (RM)
-Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)
-JPEG (thumbnails)
-Microsoft (AVI,WMV)

CinemaForge's powerful media editing capabilities simplifies tasks like, automatically adding video duration to metadata, dynamic video cropping, and multi size thumbnail generation from any video frame.

After converting a video with CinemaForge you can publish your videos for free to the StageGold video hosting service for sharing with friends. The service includes a user customizable media player for embedding your videos on blogs or social networking sites.

CinemaForge has already garnered more than one million downloads on such sites as Download.com and Techrepublic.com. CinemaForge makes it easy to download videos from the web and convert them to play on virtually any video enabled device, or convert personal videos to upload to the web. Users can download CinemaForge for free at www.cinemaforge.com

Pricing & Availability

CinemaForge is available now as a FREE download through the StageGold website.

CinemaForge requires Windows XP or above, and is fully Windows Vista compatible.


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2008 Slam Dunk Contest Highlights

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic won this year's NBA dunk contest during All-Star Weekend. Both the players and the NBA wanted this year's dunk contest to be something special and both delivered. For the first time, fans were allowed to vote in the final round and the players delivered some creative and spectacular dunks.

Check out the video to see for yourself. Be sure to click on the menu button to see the video in full screen.


Video Players for Bloggers

It's really interesting to see how our StageGold video player gets deployed across the Internet. Our tracking software pointed us to this site; the Harlem Movie Club.

In existence for five years, this avid group of movie buffs decided to start a blog to chronicle their picks. What a great idea for a blog!

Additionally, they're using our player to show previews of upcoming movies. Another great idea. Many movie companies and indie film directors utilize the power of the web to get pre-release buzz for their movies. Who can forget the buzz created online for Snakes on a Plane?

Our only critique of their use of the StageGold player would be to choose a different player than the default skin, preferably one of the new skins that allows full screen display. Otherwise, it's a great use of a blog and a great example of the StageGold player in real world action.

Good luck!


YouTube Videos - 2007's Most Popular

It's really interesting what becomes popular in our culture. Dispersed among YouTube's most popular videos of 2007 were the Leave Britney Alone video and a Paris Hilton parody. Politics surfaced with Obama Girl and Soulja Boy's instructional dance video rated a lot of views.

The most popular? The nature film embedded above. Proof you don't leave your own behind, there is strength in numbers and you should never, ever, ever, ever give up.



StageGold Video Players - They're Free

We got an interesting email yesterday. It was simple and to the point - can I buy the software with the skins to play video on my site my self (sic)?

Of course we'd be happy to sell our player, but we don't. Our revenue model is advertising driven, so we don't have to sell our products. They're free!

Few things in this life are that way. Some may argue our product isn't really free because we require registration that collects personal information. We also display ads. If you haven't noticed, we recently simplified our registration form. The only thing you need to provide us is a valid email address. We don't sell your personal information and we don't spam.

The same applies to our video converter CinemaForge. We want you to get a StageGold account for hosting videos, but you can convert local video files without registering with us.

The bottom line is we're happy you like our products so much that you want to spend money on them, but you don't have to. StageGold and CinemaForge are free!


FLV to IPOD Converter - Need Help?

I stumbled across the following question today on a Mac forum -

i cant find any good FLV 4 Converter

i think FLV 4 is a Flash 9
this is not a youtube FLV

i tried total Video Converter
but the bottom part is blurred

i tried Replay Converter etc.. but the Audio and Video is out of Sync

anyone pls

Do we know the answer to this one? You betcha! It's CinemaForge, our video converter that works with iPods, YouTube, MySpace video and so much more.

Don't take our word for it. Maybe our top review from CNET will do it? How about a customer testimonial? How about the fact we've had 1 million plus downloads?

We're not trying to brag here, but we've got a great program that will convert Flash (FLV) movies to iPod video. It's easy and it's free. We've got the answer: CinemaForge.


New Video Uploader for StageGold

StageGold has launched a new, web-based video uploader for adding videos and music to the StageGold hosting site. Unlike the old uploader which was a client based download, the new uploader doesn't require users to download it, meaning users can upload videos sooner, with less steps.

The new uploader only works with .flv and .mp4 files meaning multimedia files like .wmv, .mov, .avi and .mpeg must first be converted to .flv or .mp4. StageGold offers a free video converter in its CinemaForge product.

We hope you enjoy the simplicity of the new uploader.